Logo Design: Geoff George, DP


The following project was an identity design for a director of photography based in Los Angeles. The challenge was to create a logo and business cards that reflected elements of cinema/photography with an art deco flair.

geoff george logo-GRAY2-02.png

I wanted to focuses on lenses as a source of inspiration. Using the almost circular shape of the “G” I blended the letter with a design that echoed a camera lens and a calibration chart. I created a simplified design with bold primary colors and clean, sharp elements that harken back to deco designs.

geoff george logo-red-03.png
Geoff George-Front-DP-01.png

The front side of the business card was designed using bold primary colors and clean, geometric fonts.

Geoff George-Back-Woman-website.png

The backside of the business card was one of the client’s images. I placed the logo in the bottom right corner, letting the film image do most of the talking.