Animation: Emergence


The following project was a short animation designed to teach the concept of emergence through every day scenarios. This animation was 1 of 3 that gained over 19k views per video on youtube. I created the artistic direction, storyboards, and final vector assets. I worked with an animator and creative director to bring this piece to life.

The film uses the history of the internet as a vessel to teach about the concept of emergence. The challenge of the script was to find a way to take some of the more abstract concepts and blend them with relatable and historic imagery.

Below you’ll find stills from the animation:

emergence still-01.png
emergence still-03.png
emergence still-02.png
emergence title card.png

Creating unique transitions was key to moving from realistic scenes to abstract scenes and back. Thinking of how to bridge these scenes was so much fun. It was great working with the animator to bring the transitions to life.

Below you’ll find some examples of the storyboards focused on these transitions: